I know everyone has bouts of depression from time to time.  It’s very normal but for myself when I’m in a depressed mood or stage I try to find ways out of it by going out with friends and family or going to do things I enjoy.

I’ve realized with the people I know who have clinical depression the main difference is how they almost latch onto the depression.  They lock away do actively take actions that cause the depression to worsen without even realizing it. It also becomes an excuse for why or why not somethings occur.  Deflecting any personal responsibility onto this real but inanimate thing.  At this point they usually begin to identify themselves as depressed or just say it is part of who they are, the problem with this is that they can never recover it if it is literally who they are.

If you ever find yourself down n out.  Reach out don’t Lock Up.  There are plenty of resources available.