Supplements, And the Confusion on what they are for!

During my time here at Gold’s, I’ve noticed a lot of people don’t grasp the concept of what a Supplement is or even means, let alone how to add them in addition to a diet to obtain their goals.

Recently one of our membership advisors giving a tour to a new member.  The Member asked about what supplements he could take to remove his belly fat.  My 1st thought was *NONE* but that obviously doesn’t work in the business world.  Our Membership Advisor did ask some of the correct questions, the main one being “how much water are you drinking?”

The guy answered that he doesn’t drink water, he drinks Gatorade and Fruit Juices.  I felt like facepalming myself.  Obviously, the guy has no idea how much sugar he is consuming on a daily basis.  They went on to look at some of the fat burners we sell and things like that not realizing those things work about as good as 3 cups of coffee does at burning fat.

1st off, a supplement is nothing more than what the definition of a supplement is.  “Something that completes or enhances something else when added to it.”  Keywords there are Completes and Enhances.

If you are not eating an ok diet that adding supplements isn’t going to fill all the gaps, you’re still going to have holes which are going to end up hurting things in the long run from nutrient deficiencies and it can even lead to a  compromised immune system.

While you are dieting down it is very important to make sure you are getting enough nutrients through as much food as you can have while keeping your macros and calories down where you need them.  Supplements should be used to simply fill in the gaps where your diet is unable to do so.  I find Supplements can be beneficial when gaining but are completely unnecessary when a good diet protocol for gaining is followed.

They become more needed when dieting cause you have to remove so many foods and sometimes meeting protein requirements or vitamin requirements is almost impossible without supplementing some of the necessary components.


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