Supplements, And the Confusion on what they are for!

During my time here at Gold’s, I’ve noticed a lot of people don’t grasp the concept of what a Supplement is or even means, let alone how to add them in addition to a diet to obtain their goals.

Recently one of our membership advisors giving a tour to a new member.  The Member asked about what supplements he could take to remove his belly fat.  My 1st thought was *NONE* but that obviously doesn’t work in the business world.  Our Membership Advisor did ask some of the correct questions, the main one being “how much water are you drinking?”

The guy answered that he doesn’t drink water, he drinks Gatorade and Fruit Juices.  I felt like facepalming myself.  Obviously, the guy has no idea how much sugar he is consuming on a daily basis.  They went on to look at some of the fat burners we sell and things like that not realizing those things work about as good as 3 cups of coffee does at burning fat.

1st off, a supplement is nothing more than what the definition of a supplement is.  “Something that completes or enhances something else when added to it.”  Keywords there are Completes and Enhances.

If you are not eating an ok diet that adding supplements isn’t going to fill all the gaps, you’re still going to have holes which are going to end up hurting things in the long run from nutrient deficiencies and it can even lead to a  compromised immune system.

While you are dieting down it is very important to make sure you are getting enough nutrients through as much food as you can have while keeping your macros and calories down where you need them.  Supplements should be used to simply fill in the gaps where your diet is unable to do so.  I find Supplements can be beneficial when gaining but are completely unnecessary when a good diet protocol for gaining is followed.

They become more needed when dieting cause you have to remove so many foods and sometimes meeting protein requirements or vitamin requirements is almost impossible without supplementing some of the necessary components.


Overcome Obstacles!

The Recovery back in 2011

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One year later, I was full beast mode! #murderface

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The other day I had someone ask me about injuries.
They asked if I ever had any injuries as their shoulder was nagging them.
I went on to talk about how I had torn my right pec in my early lifting days not knowing what I was doing. It wasn’t a large tear and didn’t require any surgery or anything.
I’ve also torn the tendon that connects my right elbow to my thumb causing a ganglion cyst.
I have a shoulder impingement in my right shoulder’s bursa.
I also have a hairline fracture right wrist that I am currently waiting to heal.

These are so far a list of all of the injuries I have sustained in the gym that I know of.
I’ve also passed out many times and threw up more times than I can remember.

The Key To Our Sucess

Consistency and Personal Development.

I’ve Been Working On TheBask for the last eight and a half years and the only thing that has allowed me to get to the point that I am now is consistency.  The ability to endure all of the trials and tribulations, disappointments and failed business deals.

For myself, personal development has been the main key to obtaining and maintaining this level of consistency at work.

I can remember when I first applied for a job at Gold’s Gym I applied for a job that I was clearly qualified for, overly qualified for at that but for some reason they decided that I was not what they were looking for for the most basic of positions they had.

I still have the email what’s the name of the position this is it a direct excerpt from the email.

November 30, 2016

Dear James,

Thank you for coming in and speaking with us in person about the Front Desk Associate position.

While we were impressed with your background and qualifications, we have concluded that another candidate’s qualifications more closely match our requirements. We sincerely regret that we cannot offer you employment with our organization at this time.

Your resume will be retained for up to six months of time and you will be contacted in the event our employment needs should change. We also encourage you to visit our website as new positions become available.

We appreciate your interest in our company and wish you success in your search for a suitable career position.


Amy C*****

Gold’s Holding Corp

I will admit it was off-putting do have received an email actually saying I was not qualified for a position I was over qualified for, so when I got home the first thing that I did was I immediately applied for every management and supervisor position that was available at the time.

the next email I received a little bit different than the other one this is a direct excerpt from the next email I have received.

Hello James,

Congratulations on your new position!  We are happy to have you and are looking forward to your tentative start day on 12/19/2016.

That’s right I had been selected for the night supervisor position.

A position that was already at a higher pay rate and required higher qualifications than the position I had previously been turned down for.

I would never have gotten that job if I had not fought for the position and maintained a clear mindset that I was the one for the job and no one else qualified for this position no matter what anyone else said or thought. No One On Earth Was Going to do The Job Better Than I Was.




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